The picture of DNA strands

Research on processes occurring in biological systems

Studies of changes occurring in biological systems at the cellular and molecular level using sychrotron techniques, free electron lasers and classical X-ray sources. Development of laboratory systems for emission and absorption spectroscopy.

The picture of solar cells

Determination of electron dynamics and electronic structure of atoms and molecules in energy related materials

Study of changes in the electronic structure of disordered systems using high energy resolution technics. Application of x-ray spectroscopy methods to study chemical processes in real time.

The picture shows schematically the method of observing ultra-fast changes of electronic state of atoms and molecules

Investigation of fundamental and nonlinear X-ray interaction processes with matter

Investigation of X-ray interactions with matter and studying multiple ionization processes with the use of X-ray laser pulses. Development of methods and measurement systems for the diagnosis of the femtosecond X-ray pulses.

The picture shows Van de Graaff accelerator

Spatial imaging of biological and environmental materials

Computer microtomography imaging and investigation of microstructures in complex systems with spectroscopic computer methods and methods using ion beams from a Van de Graaff accelerator.