Defended PhD theses

  • 2021 Andrzej Kubiak The role of mechanical interactions in prostate cancer therapy and cell resistance to anti-cancer drugs
  • 2018 Barbara Orzechowska Nanomechanics of skin cells’ interactions
  • 2016 Justyna Bobrowska Characterization of cell surface structure and its relation to cytoskeleton elasticity in cancer cells – The PhD thesis was awarded by the Poland Prime Minister Award for the best Ph.D. thesis in 2017.
  • 2015 Katarzyna Pogoda Rola sił mechanicznych generowanych przez macierz zewnątrzkomórkową w rozwoju raka prostaty
  • 2014 Szymon Prauzner-Bechcicki The influence of chemical and physical properties of selected polymer thin films on adhesion of melanoma cell lines
  • 2011 Olesya Klymenko Relative plastic/elastic behaviour of cells probed by atomic force microscopy