Rheometer MRC 302 (Anton Paar)

  • Maximum torque: 200 mNm;
  • Minimum rotational torque: 1 nNm;
  • Minimum oscillatory torque: 0.5 mNm;
  • Normal force range: 0.005-50 N;
  • Normal force resolution: 0.5 mN;

The MRC 302 rheometer works in both oscillatory and rotational modes enabling measurements of visco-elastic properties of various samples, including hydrogels and tissues. The working temperature range is from RT to 200 C.

The rheometer works based on air bearing with an in-built normal force sensor in modes enabling direct control of deformation and stress. The rheometer works in two geometries: plate-plate and plate-cone. Accessible geometries: plane 4 mm and 8 mm.

MRC 302 rheometer