Deconvolution is a glow-curve decomposition process into single peaks.

A new computer program, GlowFit, for deconvoluting first-order kinetics thermoluminescence glow-curves has been developed. A non-linear function describing a single glow-peak is fitted to experimental points using the least squares Levenberg-Marquardt method.

The main advantage of GlowFit is in its ability to resolve complex TL glow-curves consisting of strongly overlapping peaks, such as those observed in heavily-doped LiF:Mg,Ti (MTT) detectors. This resolution is achieved mainly by setting constraints or by fixing selected parameters. The initial values of the fitted parameters are placed in the so-called pattern files. GlowFit is a Microsoft Windows-operated user-friendly program. Its graphic interface enables easy intuitive manipulation of glow-peaks, at the initial stage (parameter initialization) and at the final stage (manual adjustment) of fitting peak parameters to the glow-curves.


Download GlowFIT

GlowFit version 1.1
GlowFit version 1.3

You may use this program providing, that in any publication based on its results, the appropriate reference will be given:

Puchalska, M., Bilski, P. GlowFit-a new tool for thermoluminescence glow-curve deconvolution; Radiation Measurements Volume: 41, Issue: 6, July, 2006, pp. 659-664