GlowVIEW is the Microsoft Windows–operated program, which has been designed in Delphi 10.2 Tokyo environment. GlowVIEW is dedicated for simple analysis of the glow curve data. Its main advantage is the ability of work with many glow curves simultaneously (the number of analyzed curves is not limited by the software). The program provides such functionalities as background subtraction, normalization (over both coordinates), translation, smoothing, etc. The numerical integration using Simpson’s rule has been also implemented. As the output file, the program returns a single text file containing i.a. glow curves identifiers, information about the global and local maxima, summarized signal integrated over the specified range, etc. The processed curves can be saved in numerical format (.dat or .txt) or as the image files (.jpg). The user interface is very simple, intuitive and allows for easy manipulation of the analyzed data.


You may use this program providing, that in any publication based on its results, the appropriate reference will be given:

W. Gieszczyk, P. Bilski. A simplified numerical approach to non-radiation induced high-temperature signals in thermoluminescence. GlowVIEW – a useful tool for a multiple glow-curve analysis. Radiat. Meas. 107 (2017) 102-110

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The last update: February 24, 2022