Novel scintillating screens based on the single crystalline films of mixed perovskite and oxide compounds

Research project NCN OPUS ST8, 2016/21/B/ST8/03200

Realized in years 2017-2020

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Selected results of the IFJ PAN team:

W. Gieszczyk, P. Bilski, M. KÅ‚osowski, A. Mrozik, T. Zorenko, S. Witkiewicz, Yu. Zorenko, 2019. Luminescent properties of Tb and Eu activated AxB1-xAlO3 (A=Y, Lu, Gd; B= Lu; x=0, 0.5, 1) mixed oxides crystals prepared by micor-pulling-down method. Radiat. Meas. 126, 106140

W. Gieszczyk, P. Bilski, M. KÅ‚osowski, A. Mrozik, Yu. Zorenko, T. Zorenko, K. Paprocki, 2019. Luminescent properties of undoped and Ce3+ doped crystals in Y2O3-Lu2O3-Al2O/sub> triple oxide system grown by micro-pulling-down method. Opt. Mat. 89, 408-413

W. Gieszczyk, A. Mrozik, P. Bilski, V. Vistovskyy, A. Voloshinovskii, L. Paprocki, T. Zorenko, Yu. Zorenko, 2020. Scintillation and energy-storage properties of micro-pulling-down grown crystals of Sc3+ and La3+ doped YAlO3 perovskite. Crystals 2020, 10, 385