Recommended publications: Nuclear Surfing: Protons have been observed 'catching a wave' on the surface of an atomic nucleus

For surfers, it's not enough just to wait for the right wave: they still have to know how to catch it. As it turns out, one challenge faced by surfers also applies to protons. An experiment recently conducted by physicists from Poland, Italy and France provided new information on surfing taken to its absolute extreme: protons synchronizing their movement with the vibrations of atomic nuclei.

Like a surfer on a wave, a proton can be coupled with the vibrations of an atomic nucleus. Pictured in the role of proton is a bubble of air graphically pulled out from under the surface. (Source: IFJ PAN, jch)

"The mutable nature of particle-core excitations with spin in the one-valence-proton nucleus 133Sb",
G. Bocchi, S. Leoni, B. Fornal et al.
Physics Letters B 760 (2016) 273–278

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