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US Department of Energy Web Council

Sites such as yours that are featured appeal to a wide audience and represent the "best" of DOE on the web in terms of being informative, relevant, and user-friendly. (October 2000)


Discovery Channel

This site takes your students into the future. Check out this totally awesome interactive site for students of chemistry and physics. This adventure tells us of what the world is made (quarks, leptons and force carriers) and how the world is held together (gravitational force, strong force, weak force and electromagnetic force), and tests for knowledge with frequent quizzes. A great site to introduce your students to the multimedia nature of the internet.


Snap Editors Choice

Learn the fundamentals of particle physics on this interactive tour of the atom. The Particle Adventure has been awarded a Snap Editors' Choice designation in recognition of its excellence in design, content and editorial presentation. (October 1998)



As the wealth of information available on the infinitely small aproaches infinity, this site cuts through the technicalities to provide this great educational resource. (October 2000)


Learning in Motion Monthly Top 10 List

Learning in Motion publishes the Monthly Top 10 List for educatiors and students who are interested in integrating the Internet with their schoolwork. (March 1998)


Science Magazine Hot Pick

"Wild ride. The present best theory of what all matter boils down to, known as the Standard Model, is explained in the remarkably clear and simple pages of The Particle Adventure, a widely praised site aimed at high school students. Replete with animations of decays, quizzes, and a pop-up glossary, the site starts out by discussing quarks, leptons, and other particles, lays out the experimental evidence for them, then explains the workings of giant accelerators and detectors." (June 9, 2000)


Pac Bell Blue Web'n Award

Your Web site has been awarded a "Blue Web'n". Inclusion in the Blue Web'n library is an honor reserved for the best online lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, and tools. (April 1998)


Netsurfer Science

ParticleAdventure describes itself as a tour of the inner workings of the atom. You can take the trip in English or put your French, Spanish, or Polish to good use. For students and teachers, worksheets for classroom projects are available online. This is a pretty big place, with over 200 pages, but there's a great site map to help you and a menu that provides a list of all pages, contents and a search engine. The organization is good, and the writing up to snuff also, with neat illustrations, a sense of humor and some zany comparisons. We particularly like the yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa! speeding electron in an accelerator, but there are many other funny little labels here and there to lighten the learning load. Sure this is definitely not the place for references for your Ph.D. thesis, but don't worry all you physics buffs (thank goodness we remembered to leave the -oon- out!), your favorite leptons and quarks are here, as well as quantum mechanics and supersymmetry and all the rest. We like it! (November 1999)


Science NetLinks

Congratulations! Your site has been reviewed by our Board of Reviewing Editors and has been approved for use in classrooms. It is now featured among the recommended resources on Science NetLinks, a comprehensive homepage for science educators created by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. (November 1999)


Go Network Award

An interactive tour of the inner workings of the atom, introducing the theory of fundamental particles and forces. From the Contemporary Physics Education Project. (September 1999)


Links2Go Key Resource

The Links2Go Key Resource award is both exclusive and objective. Fewer than one page in one thousand will ever be selected for inclusion. (July 1998)


Apple Learning Interchange

Today's Features
The Particle Adventure
"This rich site introduces the realm of subatomic particles, particle accelerators, fundamental forces, and the experiments that revealed them. Downloadable worksheets and links are provided." (October 1999)


Alchemist's WebPick

Description : The Particle Adventure - 'an interactive tour of the inner workings of the atom and the tools for discovery'. This site, mirrored in four different countries, contains hundreds of pages of information on protons, electrons, neutrons and quarks ... the particles that make up atoms. The site explains the history of the developing understanding of what is fundamental, from earth, wind, fire and water, to atoms, atoms to the nucleus, the nucleus to protons and electrons ... and so on. The Standard Model is then introduced - an attempt to describe all matter and forces in the universe (except for gravity), before looking at the questions which still remain unanswered, and detailing the research currently being carried out. Leptons, Quarks, Baryons and Mesons are all covered. The guided tour is complete with images, and cartoons provided in small bite sized pieces ... with short quizzes to test your understanding. An excellent educational resource for students. (January 29 1999)


Education World

Congratulations, Your site is one of 20 that has been awarded "Best of January" and has been reviewed by Education World (tm) Search Engine.



ClassWeb is a guide of seclected sites. One of the services offered by us in this guide is the WebSites that indicate ... quality, creativity, and utility of the information transmitted and also by the excellent layout of the pages. (September 11, 1999)


Net Guide Live Best of the Web

4-star overall rating (5 for content!)


Bonus.com Editor's Choice award

As you know, Bonus.com is a unique showcase for on-line games, presenting more than 800 Java and cgi games to an audience of kids and kids at heart. For your excellent contribution to this community, the editors at Bonus would like to present you with the Bonus.com Editor's Choice award. (December 1998)


Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence

Sites receiving this award are distinguished by the quality of their content alone. A flashy Web site will not receive this award if its content lacks interest and integrity. A simple Web site will receive this award if it serves the interests of discovery, mental enrichment and thoughtful enjoyment. This award doesn't go to "cool" sites. It goes to the great sites. It's not a daily or weekly award, but an award based on presence, here and now. It is given in gratitude, with no other request but that you keep doing what you're doing.


USA Today Hot Site

September 1996 -- Earning this designation is quite a distinction. Just as we do with top-rated movies and TV programs, we look daily for Web sites that are likely to be sure hits with readers -- sites that seek to astound and delight, inform or amuse -- by exhibiting excellence in graphics, content or both.


Planet Science Site of the Day (New Scientist)

Planet Science is the award-winning online voice of the world's leading science and technology news weekly, New Scientist. -- September 1996


National Academy Press Coolest Science Sites

Congratulations, the National Academy Press has selected the Particle Adventure site as the cool science link of the day (October 1996).


CSICOP Science & Reason

April 1997 -- CSICOP is the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.
All about the atom! The Particle Adventure introduces the theory of fundamental particles and forces, called the Standard Model. It explores the experimental evidence and the reasons physicists want to go beyond this theory. It also provides information on particle decay and a brief history section. The website's organizers included a hefty glossary and even added a "particle pronunciation guide" for some of those weirder particle names.


WebCrawler Select Editorial Team -- Outstanding Web Site

March 1997


Webivore Knowledge Systems

This collection is an index of the best web sites found and reviewed by our content experts and editors to help students and educators find accurate and useful information on the web.


Homespun Pick

"Okay, Okay, so we have a weakness for physics information! Well even the hardened non-scientists will find something appealing in the following link. It's the most beautifully designed webucational site we know of.


Computer Currents Interactive (CCI)

Link of the Week -- March 1997


WebScout Way Cool Sites

We've reviewed Particle Adventure and decided that it deserves to be included as one of our "Way Cool Sites" (and we're extremely choosy!) --- PARTICLE ADVENTURE Everything you ever wanted to know about particle physics, but were afraid to ask.


PRN Radio Network's Daily Report

Award of Excellence -- October 1996


Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

ENC for Mathematics and Science Education, Digital Dozen (DD)
The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) collects both physical and virtual resources useful to math and science educators. Each month we choose a baker's dozen of web sites to highlight. The criteria we use to select sites include valuable math and/or science content, teacher appeal, clear navigational aids, and that special something (September 1999).


Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

ENC for Mathematics and Science Education, Digital Dozen (DD), January 1996.


Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites

One of ten Cool Sites for October 1996

Hot Links!

TOPScience Hot Links

Science for secondary teachers -- Links to the best science and math sites on the Internet



A must-have site for budding (and flowered) physicists, and especially kids. Take the interactive tour (with QuickTime movies, and other visual aids) introduction the Standard Model, and explore experimental evidence and suppositions.


Hot UC WWW Pages

November 1995


Austrian Information Switchboard Site of the Week

We are some students of Vienna's Universities running a private information page. Every week we select one page from the mass of internet offerings for its information value. This means for our visitors they will find interesting and well presented information which are worth the time to spend a visit. -- Atoms and smaller

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