Cyclotron AIC-144

Cyclotron parameters:
Leg Diameter                         144 cm
Magnetic Structure                                4 spiral sectors with angle from 45º to 54º
Magnetic Field                                       0,85 ÷ 1,8 T
Main Coil Current                                  0 ÷ 650 A
Number of Trim Coils                          20
Number of Harmonic Coils                4
Trim Coils Current                                ±400 A
Number of Dees                                   1 (α=180º)
RF Generator Frequency                     10 ÷ 27 MHz
RF Generator Power                            120 kW
Dee voltage                                            65 kV
Ion beam extraction system - method of the precession of orbits:
4 harmonic coils, 3 electrostatic deflectors, 3 passive magnetic channels
Effective Extraction Factor                    70%
Acceleration Factor                               k=60
Emittance                                                Ex=25mm mrad, Ez=25mm mrad

Cyclotron Construction:
The cyclotron was built by workers of the Institute under the leadership of PhD Jerzy Schwabe and cooperation with specialists from Joint Institute For Nuclear Reaserch in Dubna and other institutes from Europe.

Main elements of cyclotron AIC-144:
1. Main Magnet. Gives constant magnet field.
2. Ion Source. Produce protons in center of acceleration chamber.
3. Ion beam acceleration system. Consist of accelerating electrode called dee and conjugated with RF generator.
4. Vacuum system. Pumping high vacuum in acceleration chamber and ion beam transport system.
5. Ion beam extraction system. Extract accelerated bunches of ions from cyclotron into ion beam transport system.
6. Ion beam transport system. Transporting ion beam from cyclotron to Hadron Therapy Room or External Production of Radioisotopes.