T2K - Tokai to Kamioka (2008-2009)

Project coordinator at DAI:

Marek Stodulski
E-mail: Marek.Stodulski@ifj.edu.pl

DAI employees involved in the project:

Engineers: Jacek Błocki, Jerzy Kotuła, Michał Sienkiewicz, Jacek Świerblewski

Technicians: Jarosław Adamek, Marek Rachwalik, Andrzej Strączek, Wiesława Tałach


The principal tasks for the Side Muon Range Detector (SMRD) are to:

  • Measure muon momenta and angle for CC-QE reactions to help determine the neutrino energy
  • Identify backgrounds from beam neutrino interactions in the iron yokes, and in the cavity walls surrounding the detector
  • Trigger on through going cosmic ray muons for calibration purposes of the inner detector components



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