Statutory projects, international experiments, cooperation

Zadania statutowe w 2018 r.

Our research is in most cases based on broad international co-operation. The Institute collaborates with international organizations, such as:

  • CERN-Geneva
  • French institutes IN2P3, Institute Laue-Langevin
  • JINR-Dubna
  • German institutes: DESY-Hamburg, GSI-Darmstadt, KFZ-Jülich
  • KEK-Tsukuba
  • włoskimi laboratoriami w Legnaro, Mediolanie i Pizie oraz Uniwersytetem w Ferrarze
  • międzynarodowym ośrodkiem Europejskie Źródło Spalacyjne w Lund (Szwecja)
  • National Laboratory-Brookhaven

and with numerous institutes in 26 countries.

Teams of our institute are active in all phases of construction and exploitation of major physics experiments.

  1. Particle Physics and Astrophysics Research
  2. Nuclear and Strong Interactions Physics Research
  3. Phase of Condensed Matter Research
  4. Interdyscyplinarny and Applied Research
  5. Methodical Works and Scientific Equipment

The Institute co-operates with many institutions in Poland, and our main tights are with the: